Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Like a birthday or a pretty view

Yeah, there's Shanghai or Sydney, but maybe Rio, eh? Yeah, it's still two days until Meat Friday. Fucking sue me. How long would you spend around and between those quads, man? Damn, I could live down there.

picture by Lewis Payton via towleroad

Added: On an unrelated note, if you didn't catch GayWatch on The Daily Show, here's where you can check it out (video nsfw). That reminds me. I need to renew my subscription to Gaywad McGee's Scrotum Lovers Quarterly.


The Other Andrew said...


Hey, what Sydney lacks in Brazilians we would more than make up for in compliance.

Bodhi said...

There are plenty of Brazilians to be found in Sydney. Indeed the beauty shop in the shopping centre across the road from me here at work seems to be offering a discount on them at the moment.

See, how simple is that? Obviously you can just walk in off the street, and buy one!

Sydney is obviously the choice.

Bodhi said...

...and we have a Chinatown here in Sydney, Dude.

Like, totally! Need I say more?

wingedman said...

Ooooh myyyy gawddd I so need to get gripped by legs like those.

Xmas is coming, have u seen ur abs lately?

Michael said...

Boy, compliance, Brazilians, Chinatown, Rabbit...will ex-Mikey be there, too?

Michael said...

Incredible, aren't they? Golden Quads of Happiness. As for abs, see below. I'm not shooting for Purim. Oy.

Jen said...

Who’s that knocking on my door
It’s gotta be a quarter to four
Is it you again coming ’round for more
Well you can love me tonight if you want
But in the morning make sure you’re gone
I’m talkin’ to you
Hot legs

Michael said...

Perfect. You're killin' me. If I could be down in there somewhere, I'd never leave. I'd send out for lunch and eat off it/them.