Friday, December 02, 2005

With my face pressed up to the glass, wanting you

In defiance of (or, perhaps, in a twisted homage to) my strict Catholic upbringing and all those fish-filled Lenten Fridays, I am introducing a new feature at Pipedreams: Meat Friday. That's right, kids. Every Friday, I'm bringing a slab of beefcake who's caught my eye. I think we'll all agree there's no better guy to bust this segment's cherry than Trainer Bob. I was vaguely aware of him existing somewhere in the periph of my manscopic vision, but I only focused on him last week when I caught The Biggest Loser for the first time. I can't believe I've been missing out on him and that show. Both so fab. According to his site, he enjoys tennis, cycling, running and snowboarding. Me too, Bob! Well, not so much cycling, but otherwise, me too, Bob! Bob? I should note that Meat Friday will in no way supercede my previous practice of pasting up tasties pretty much all the damn time.


luscious loulou said...

Excellent idea (bien sûr) and fabuloso pic what with that faint line of hair going downdowndown.

His hands on hips just waitin' for us to...So mikey, let’s nuzzle ‘im and smell all that Bob goodness, shall we? ::big nuzzlin’ inhale:: aaaaaaaah

The Other Andrew said...

No do you understand why I posted a ways back about having to get fat stat, because Bob is coming down under (don't even!) to do an Aussie version of The Biggest Loser?! I've watched both series of Biggest Loser, a show which turned out to be better than I anticipated. More about doing the hard work.

I heart Bob! (I think he's a 'mo, don't you?)

luscious loulou said...

Oh you don't want to get fat just to meet him, Andrewwwww? Is that what you're saying? NO NO NO

I'll think of something. I'll bet I can. I know people. Hmmmm, I wonder if your old massage therapy wouldn't go down a treat for Bob after his many hours of stressful "fat Aussie" training; perhaps he'll also be struggling to understand that particular whine of the fat Strine-speaking yobbo.

Massage therapist/translator. Could work.

Bodhi said...

Ohhh what-ever, you can all have your Trainer Bob. He does absolutely nothing for me, I'm afraid ...

But you know that I am always up for more beefcake, don't ya Mikey? Keep it coming sweetie (and yes, the camp pun was intended.)

yaniboy said...

He's SUCH a 'mo... but he's so damn hot... and the tattoos don't hurt his hotness factor one little bit...

Looking forward to further Meat Fridays...

yaniboy said...
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savante said...

You could call it Flesh Fridays :)


Michael Guy said...

I suppose the real reason I keep failing in my personal fitness goals would be lack of discipline. I bet 'Trainer Bob' could teach me discipline. Yep.


Michael said...

Let us, loulou, let us nuzzle him. Would it be too forward if my face went right to his pit? Sorry if that was rude.

Andrew, yeah I remember your post. I must have been distracted or why wouldn't I have pounced on him then? As for you gaining to be a Loser, I say follow your bliss, brotha. My friend Michelle is seriously trying, bless her. If she gets on there, prepare yourself for busting a gut because she is HIGH-larious. No, really. Funny and white-trashy as hell. I say that with love.

"fat Strine-speaking yobbo." Come again?

Who woulda guessed that Bodhi would be immune to Bob's charms? I'll see if I can cater to you a lil' next time, B ::skims through the twentysomething pics::

Yani, I think you and Andrew are right. He's on our team. In fact, I think he's a receiver and runs best from the wide-out. Sorry, Aussies, that's A-mrrrrr-kin football lingo. But you got it anyway. Yay, Yani wants more meat!

Paul, Flesh Friday is good, too. Less crass, though, so not as appropriate for this joint. ;-)

Michael Guy, Trainer Bob is quite the taskmaster. Personally, I'd follow every command, depraved or not. Anyway, you might not shine at the 'pec deck' but you are a bright star at the 'deck the halls', brotha. Check out MG's tannenbaum, y'all!
PS: I'm totally getting one of those Rosetti pillows (in coffee, natch) for my bed.

luscious loulou said...

You go for Trainer Bob’s pits.
Don’t mind me. I’ll be nuzzling the pits of one sleepy-eyed Matthew McConaughey some early morn.

wingedman said...

All hail meat Fridays, Holiest of Days.

Fra Wingedman of the Brothers of Perpetual Ecstasy.

Bodhi said...

::skims through the twentysomething pics::

Hmmmmm, m'kay, I will forgive you then sweetness. I am looking forward to those.

Speaking of which: the weekend just gone was my weekend to have The Kid. She brought over her digital camera (a new toy she got for her birthday back in April) as she took heaps of photo's of our recent trip to Brisbane (in October) with Rabbit. I wanted to get some copies of the best photo's for myself.

One of them is a pic of a twenty-something Rabbit (at least until 28 Dec). There he is: Shirtless, tanned, laying on the bed and smiling adorably at the camera wearing a Cowboy hat that Ashley bought for herself. It looks awesome in black and white, and will be soon joining another adorable framed black and white pic I already have of the Rabbit in my room.


I just thought you might wanna know this, sweetie darling sweetie, seeing as how you are so interested in all things His Mythic-ness.

Oh, and the answer is no, you can't.

[I know, I know, I'm evil, pure abject evil, blah blah blah ... hmmmm ... explains at least why I am so horny ...]


Michael said...

Wingedman, I SO want to join your order!

Bodhi, knowing that I will NEVER see his pics has served to dilute my ardor for the Bunny. Still, you should know that I wouldn't throw him out of my Inbox for eatin' crackers.

luscious loulou said...

Hey. Got this from

RE: nuzzlin’ mah boy

“Matthew McConaughey takes on a coyote.
The Enquirer reports that People's Sexiest Man Alive won a dogfight with a coyote in a Los Angeles park. The star was apparently on a morning run when he heard a woman scream, and he found a mom and a frightened little girl cowering as a coyote circled them. "Matthew never broke stride! He ran straight at the beast, howling like a mad dog—and the freaked coyote streaked for the nearby woods!" The native Texan said, "Where I come from, we've got lots of coyotes … and you've just got to learn to speak their language."

I can see him howlin’. Makes me love him more. (of course, could be a made-up thang... The Enquirer? Hah!)

luscious loulou said...

(hey, mikey. you notice i'm scootin' 'round your nether regions these days. i may never work my way back up to the top. i'm being thorough.)

Michael said...

I always liked him but ever since those photos that combined for a boner trifecta (the Sunday paper, ultrasonic oral hygiene, slammin' fucking tight body), he's been off the charts for me. Loves me some McConaughey.

Notice? Loulou, there's nowhere I'd rather you be than betwixt my nethers.

luscious loulou said...

Yeah, the gusher trifecta. freakgirl doesn't know what she's missing not lovin' him for the oral (with the toothpaste 'round his mouth), the intelligentsia and the abs, pits & toasty skin. ::licklicklicknuzzlenuzzlenuzzle::

And I gotta tell you, mikey.
Whilst I'm betwixt,

I'm hummin'...


Am I fabulous or what?