Monday, December 05, 2005

Do you hate him because he's pieces of you?

I had grand plans to get so much accomplished around here yesterday (Sunday). Instead, I devoured A Million Little Pieces. Thanks Oprah! Thanks Bodhi! And my most special and effusive thanks to Nate! I couldn't stop reading this book. I mentioned when I started that I thought it was harrowing. It was. I should also mention I was initially distracted by the stream of consciousness style that James Frey adopts. It was a bit quirky and precious to me for the first 50 (OK, 100) pages, but after that I was so drawn in I didn't mind. By the end, I'll admit to believing that it added to the narrative. This man has a tale to tell, y'all. By turns raw and unflinching, then sweet and heartbreaking. I cried a few times. Check it out if you haven't, kids, and thank me later. So, yeah, I didn't get much else done on Sunday. One day this week, when you least expect it, I'll be commando.

I should admit that I mainly read this because of Oprah and Bodhi, but Nate did say he loved it, too, so I wasn't thanking him ONLY because he's so pretty. Who all clicked on his link? There's a nice story about him in USA Today, but it won't last long, so get him while he's hot.

Now I'm on to Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs. I've read all his other stuff, so I'm sure this'll be great. I mean, freakgirl said so. Also, thanks tothe aforementioned Mr. Frey, I'll be carrying the Tao Te Ching around for the next few months at least.


The Other Andrew said...

I'd be prepared to thank Nate for ONLY being pretty, as you put it. Being that pretty is worth being thankful for, I mean if I can't be him, or do him, I can at least thank him for letting me look. Right?

I must check out this book one day, it sounds amazing.

(BTW, it looks like all blogspot blogs were down for about 4-5 hours today, just in case you were wondering why your comments might be a little light.)

Bodhi said...

Mikey, all this talk of James now has moi reading A Million Little Pieces for what is at least the third time. It's still a powerful read, and retains the power to make me shed a tear or even laugh.

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu has long been one of my favourite books. Before I got into Buddhism, I was into the philosophical aspects of Taoism in quite a big way. In many ways, it still holds plenty of appeal for me, and I have a number of translations of this text. One of my favourities is an illustrated one with classical Chinese landscapes, each verse appears in English on one side of the page and in the original Chinese in calligraphy on the other side. Way cool dude, believe me.

The Journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step, my friend :-)

Michael said...

I don't like to use 'very', but he is very, very pretty, A. So sweet. So charming. So faggoty. God, I love him. I did notice that all the blogspot sites were down. Saddened me. ;-)

I kinda figured you'd be familiar with the Tao Te Ching, bodhi. I wasn't so much. I was surprised to see how many translations were available when I went to pick it up. It's not something I'll read cover to cover, but it really appeals to me, especially now in my life. I also bought the Upanishads this weekend. I'm not looking for religion so much, but thoughts on living. A single step, like you said, brotha.

Bodhi said...

The Tao Te Ching is indeed not ever meant to be read cover to cover, Mikey. It's not the latest Harry Potter or Dan Brown release, its a spiritual classic. Rather one should find a quite and peaceful place, and reading no more than a single verse (if not even indeed a single line), quitely contemplate and reflect. Still yourself like the waters of a cool and clear pond.

Anywhere in nature works for me, but my absolute favourite place to read it is in the Chinese Gardens here in Sydney at Darling Harbour (the ones that our dear Hobbity friend posted photo's on some time back). Now that summer is here and the weather is great, I must get back there by myself for a quite walk, meditation, and a read. Of recent times when I have been there, I have either been feeding koi fish and checking out yummy cakes in tea house or indeed cute backpackers with Ashley, running around liked hyped kids on too much red cordial with a whore-ticulturally excitable Rabbit, or driving TOA to distraction by suggesting (with maybe extreme prejudice) to take this photo or that (m'kay, and also checking out cute backpackers ..). So, in the language of the spiritual Master Yoda, take myself, I must.

I also bought the Upanishads this weekend. I'm not looking for religion so much, but thoughts on living. A single step, like you said, brotha

Dude, you make me smile :-)

[Ghasso and Deep Bow]

wingedman said...

Oooh new Augusten Burroughs book! I liked running with scissors and Sellavision, I'll definitely check it out.

Michael said...

Bodhi, I love the idea of meditating on a single passage or a single line from the Tao. Many years ago I dabbled in this kind of reading, but maybe I wasn't ready for it then. I am at a stage in my life where I want to step back and evaluate what really means something for me, what is genuine, and what is a distraction. What should I be working toward? What should I abandon? OK, I'll stop now. But you know?

wingedman, Burroughs is a scream. I'm hoping this one can hold a candle to 'Running With Scissors'. Did you know they are bringing that to the screen? Should be interesting. I love this cover blurb from 'Magical Thinking': Sports nuts have Dave Barry, midwesterners have Garrison Keillor, and the rest of us-- gay guys, misfits, those with horrific childhoods--have Burroughs. (from EW)

freakgirl said...

I hope you love it.

There is a very small bit about him hiding his boyfriend's moisturizer on a high shelf in order to force him to try a new one that I still think about and crack up.

I think I like his stories so much because he's not afraid to admit he does things purely for vanity - to get his own way or to simply win an argument.

Michael said...

Just like you and me!

Michael said...

PS I need someone to hide my old moisturizer. ::sigh::

freakgirl said...