Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Each day's a brand new life

Here in the Northern Hemisphere it's the winter solstice, yo. The shortest day and the longest night of the year. Transitions. And while showering just now, I knocked myself in the nuts with the handle of my loofah. What? No, not on purpose. Would you consider that an inauspicious start to the season? I like this day because it holds the promise of more daylight and warmer temperatures to come. Longer days and shorter nights to dream of. Is it selfish that, on the cusp of this new year, with so much trouble in the world, I'm mainly wishing that I have someone to burrow under the covers with for a long winter's night this time next year? This is Pipedreams after all, remember? Oh, it's also Haircut Day! Slide into your tightest low riders and those boots I love, Alan, sweetie, and I'll see you later today.
Added: While I was typing this, Kenny Loggins started singing Celebrate Me Home. That's in my Christmas mix. It makes me warm. Sometimes it makes me cry a bit. Like this time.


Michael Guy said...

Must be the moon phase; I teared up a bit myself this early a.m. No good reason; just a passing wave of 'what am I doing/where am I going' mumbo-jumbo. I'm sure I'll think differently in a few hours.

Jen said...

Is it selfish that, on the cusp of this new year, with so much trouble in the world, I'm mainly wishing that I have someone to burrow under the covers with for a long winter's night this time next year?

I think it demonstrates a healthy ego. Here's how unhealthy mine is: I still have the turkey wishbone from my Thanksgiving bird because I'm bound & determined to make a wish on it that only involves me, instead of world peace or some other altruistic thing that isn't going to happen anyway, but I cannot think of a "good enough wish" to make, and I don't want to waste the wish.

Apparently, my superstitious gene is mutated beyond all recognition. :)

freakgirl said...

jen, I'm sorry, but that is hilarious.

Michael, I'm still trying to decide how I feel about you enjoying Kenny Loggins.

Jen said...

I guess now's a bad time for me to admit that I also like Kenny Loggins...and Loggins & Messina. ;)

The Other Andrew said...

I think that there would be something special about having four distinct seasons, of being more aware of the turning of the year. In truth we only really have a couple of seasons down here it seems, or at least the transitions are much less noticeable.

I hope you find yourself someone to snuggle with, just warn them to go easy on the nuts for the next day or two. :-)

PS. We're still cycling in synch, haircut day for me tomorrow. Yay!

freakgirl said...

Obviously I'm in need of a haircut, but it hasn't even occurred to me to go get one. I must look frightful.

As for Loggins, he is forever linked in my head to Caddyshack and Top Gun, and I can't make it stop.

luscious loulou said...

Home for the holidays,
I believe I've missed each and every face...

I can't sing past there cuz I'm usually crying too much.

That was the song for the Christmas after my dad died. I didn't think it meant Christmas and loneliness to anyone but me. But it does.


Happy Christmas.

freakgirl said...

Aw, now I feel like a total dick.

Bodhi said...

I get my haircut every Thursday. Need I remind you that my boys are Italian? I heart haircut day, its like gay therapy :-)

Total dick, huh Freakgirl? Hmmm, that must explain the attraction sweetie ;-)

Michael said...

michael guy, is it alright that I find some solace/kinship in our teary a.m.? Like you, mine passed. I had the BEST time with Alan. There was lots of laughing and an equal measure of touching/pressing. He went a lil' crazy with the shortness, but it grows out, right?

jen, jen. jen. jen. I'm at a loss. I just wanna hug you from behind and we can whisper together until we decide on your wish. Is that too forward? I guess my ego is healthy because I can't imagine not coming up with one wish good enough for ME, ME, ME. If it takes some pressure off, I just made one especially for you while meditating over the ashtray my grandma made when she was in the nut hatch (which holds her rosary). Did it? Help, I mean. I had a feeling you'd like L&M, being aurally stuck in the 70's like you are.

Andrew, I usually feel I could do without a season or two. Isn't that how it always is? I might think I'd wish away winter, but there is something sacred/special about the silence of snowfall whether you're in the middle of it or tucked inside with a book and a fire and a pot of soup on. Fuck, I swear I'm not a woman.

loulou, songs get tied up with feelings and won't let go, don't they? It makes you cry and that's not all bad, right? The part of that song that we both get is the lonely. You know, I'm starting to think it might end up being you I'm burrowing under the covers with next year. ;-) Again, not all bad.

Freakgirl, well, you're not a total dick. I sent you that Kenny song and you better listen to it and consider what you've done, young lady.

It is kinda like gay therapy, Bodhi. Alan's not Italian, but he IS the cutest thing ever if I really get him laughing.

Jen said...

Michael, I don't let very many people hug me from behind, but I would let you. While we listened to some KC & The Sunshine Band. I have a nice ass, too. Thanks for the wish, you're a doll, and the grandma in the nuthatch tidbit made it so special I teared up & laughed at the same time. ::kisses::

The Other Andrew said...

Gotta dash, off to the airport in a while and much to be done, so I'll be brief. You like that don't you? Briefs.

Anyhoo, watch "Broken Hearts Club" sometime Mr Mike and you'll understand how hairdressers are Gay Therapy, especially when the hairdresser is a brilliant cameo by my fave Miss Jennifer Coolidge.

Love to you all. Big smooch and furtive ass grab to you Mr Mike. Especially you. J'adore. Love this little home of yours on the Interweb, and the kids who hang out on your back porch.

Have fun, talk to you on the other side of the mayhem. Kisses.