Friday, December 09, 2005

If you'd only let me be the one to hold you, and keep you here with me

I've never had a problem with leftovers. Seriously, I'm practically known for it. Bring on the sloppy seconds. For example, I'll gladly take her castoff, and hers, and now hers. You may not want him anymore, but I'll take whatever part of him you haven't used up, Miss Applegate. It's Friday, and he's the Meat.

I think both of these two were gettin' some Sweet Charity (read: dick) on the side. He is a butt pirate, right? I know the picture above is my boy, Jonathan, but I'm skeptical that's him pictured below. However, that morsel came up when I googled him (multiple times), so I thought I'd include it. You know, in the interest of full disclosure. Happy Meat Friday, y'all!


The Other Andrew said...

He's qorgeous.

After the success of "Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert" Stephan Elliott went on to make a flop called "Welcome to Woop Woop" starring the handsome Miss Schaech. I've only ever seen clips of the film, but there was plenty of gratuitous naked hunkitude. So, you might want to check it out, you know, for artistic comparative purposes only.

One reviewer is quoted here as saying it was "Absolutely unwatcheable!" ...sure, but naked Jonathan Schaech. Hello!

The Other Andrew said...

Qorgeous? Er, that should read "gorgeous".

Michael said...

I am shocked, SHOCKED at the lack of Schaech love. Well, except of course yours, dear Andrew. I can always count on you to ogle with me. We really do need to go out sometime. Seriously, guys, if I were to find out the Schaech were also Jewish, I'd blow a no-touch load right here as I sit.

Bodhi said...

Schaechingly hot, indeed.

But Mikey, trust me, from someone who has indeed seen all of the film Welcome to Woop Woop, despite the cuteness I would rather dive naked into a swimming pool full of razor blades and attempt a lap of butterfly, and then have my tongue permanently superglued to a lesbians tw*t, before having to endure that again. If you must watch it sweetie, then turn down the sound, and have immediate access to the remote to play, rewind and slow down said Schaech, and fast forward remaining brain-destroying drivel.

It might be best to also have a medical team or at least an ambulance on stand-by. Accidentaly watching even a few non-Schaech moments of this film may cause either permanent brain damage or an attempt at your own life.

You have been warned.

luscious loulou said...

That's him in the 2nd pic. Look at that mouth. Mmmmmmouth. Just look at it, will ya?

The first thing that comes to mind when I saw his name was Krav Maga? Hmmm? Israeli fighting. Ooooh.

Yep, I seem to remember he was doing some pictorial offering in Men's Health or something. He was wearing teenytiny shorts if I recall. And as you might guess, he has been a longtime face/body crush of mine. He's got to find something that will show him off .

"That Thing You Do" was too bland for such an intense-looking guy. I'm sure there is some kind of Die Hard thing just around the corner. Big gun, wearing BDUs and somehow his shirt gets ripped off, maybe a slashed arm that needs binding. I can see it.

Good choice, Michael. (now I'll google around for some link type thing for him fighting in teeny shorts for your delectation.)

savante said...

Still both of them are hot!! Even if they both can't act all that well.