Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute

I wish I could say I've been running around to holiday parties or decking my halls or washing my horse (?), but instead I've been cramming in lots of work and doing continuing education online in my spare moments. Nothing says festive like a thirtysomething man in his underpants reading and answering multiple choice questions , eh? That's the continuing ed part. I'm not in my underpants at work. And damned but there's no multiple choice there, either. When will I have time to finish shopping and wrapping, never mind throwing together a festive red and green salad? In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I spent a good portion of my free Sunday reading two newspapers and watching 12 consecutive episodes of Arrested Development (Season 1). I've said it before, but it bears repeating: that shit's genius. I think it's lagged at times since Season 1, but precious fucking little. The worst episode of AD is better than 90% of the other sitcoms out there.


Bodhi said...

Oh ... my .... joyeux noel!

Hay ,with that Xmas hottie in a manger you can wrap me in decorative paper with matching ribbon, cover me in fairy lights and gloria all over my excelsis deo. If this guy is my new god and saviour, then I am completely comfortable with that people.

Hell, I would be more than happy to move him out of that dirty(**shudder** oooh, I think I just channeled Christina Aguilera there for a moment) manger and find him a room at the inn with myself. Of course we may need to share a bed, but's thats OK. Tis the season, and I'm a giver people.


[Shakes head]

Ummm, I'm sorry Mikey, you were saying something? ...

The Other Andrew said...

I've seen the Arrested Development DVD set on sale here and thought about getting it. (That is if nobody gets it for me... hint...) I've only caught a few eps because they were on very late at night here, but yes, very funny.

With your current weather, are talking longjohns btw? Do 2x(ist) even make them?...

Michael said...

Channeling Christina? You should be shuddering. I'm laughing. You are a hoot, buddy. Would you believe I've strayed so far from my Catholic roots that I thought he was in a hay mow instead of a manger?

Andrew, I'm not sure it's worth picking up the AD dvd.

::sotto voce--Bodhi, get Andrew the AD dvd for Christmas. It's a scream and he'll love it.::

Michael said...

Andrew, I'll have to look into the 2xist longs. These are just standard boxers but with a long-sleeved heathered crewneck shirt and some thick wooly socks (and sometimes a fetching velvet-trimmed throw) and the thermostat turned up to Down Under temps, I get by.

luscious loulou said...

Okay, just looking at that pic and I think I'll have to draw up that other hand behind his head, there. And you know, tie it.

And of course, he's already blindfolded. Which is good. He's squirming and waiting on me.

Just get that bloomin' straw out of the way!, give us both a nice sip of some Holiday cheer and the Festive season really begins.

That's what I'm thinkin' anyway. Me and my cowboy in the hay.

Thanks, Michael. That boy needs a good lickin', doncha think?

::nodsnodsand smiles::

(now I'll go back & read and see if my vision matches that of everyone else.)