Friday, December 23, 2005

You're the fire that keeps me warm, how will I get through this storm?

I've been terrible about posting this week, but it's Meat Friday, and I'll always find the time to ogle a prime cut. I said I'd go older and more hairy and maybe chunkier this week. How's one out of three? Meats and cheeses, cuz is teh hot, ain't he?


J.Go said...

Why can't we have pics of you for Meat Friday?

Michael said...

You first. Send the beefcake shots to Pipedreams c/o ME.

The Other Andrew said...

J.Go we have tried, and tried, and tried.... Camera shy.

(BTW, cc The Other Andrew on those beefcake pics, m'kay!)

I love this AMG-style photo shoot of Chris Evans (but then I also like vintage porn). H.O.T. Isn't he beautiful? I watched Fantastic Four with my family over the holidays, and exchanged The Look with my brother-in-law's brother and his boyfriend when Chris Evans came on in the skin tight spandex and then no shirt. Woof.