Friday, December 16, 2005

If I don't listen to the talk of the town, then maybe I can fool myself

Howard is the King of All Media. On this day of endings and beginnings for him, I've decided to out myself. You guys, I am the Whore For All Media. What? You knew all along? These things never work out like I think they will. Here's some sensory goodness I'm looking to absorb:
  • MOVIES: Yeah, of course I'm gonna see Brokeback Mountain. When it finally gets here, that is. I'm guessing I may have to drive a few hundred miles and possibly cross state lines. That's not the movie I'm thinking about today. It's The New World. I love the trailer for this flick and I'm fascinated by the time period. Plus, hello(!), Pocahontas. She's played by Q'orianka Kilcher. This hot bitch is distant cousins with Jewel. How did I miss this? They're practically identical, Patty-and-Cathy-stizz! I'll check this out despite The Thin Red Line. I know that Malick is considered a genius, but I found that nearly unwatchable. What did that floppy bird mean anyway? I'm also gonna see The Squid and the Whale, Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck and King Kong. It seemed like months since there was anything I wanted to see, and now they are piling up.
  • TV: Only three more weeks until 24 people! They are adding to the cast, almost daily it seems. We have Laurie Metcalf and Stephen Spinella now. Also Sean Astin, Jean Smart, Peter Weller, JoBeth Williams and Julian Sands. Damn. The truth is I'd trade them all if only they'd give me Dina Araz (Shoreh Aghdashloo) back. Behroooz! Boy, that never gets old, does it? Here's a little snippet from USA Today: The new season picks up 18 months after May's finale. Let's hope Jack has enjoyed that year-and-a-half, because odds are he's about to face another very bad day. Hell yeah!
  • MUSIC: Dolly is up for a Golden Globe, guys, and she's tickled about it. It's for her song Travelin' Thru which she wrote for the movie Transamerica. Turns out Dolly employs a transgendered individual. Trannies, gays, Midwestern tourists in jean shorts and white sneaks....she loves us all! Plus she's basically a drag queen herself. She's nearly perfect. As evidence, here's a snippet from that interview: Parton told us you don't have to know the song is about a transsexual to like it. Given its Christian imagery, she said, "country fans may think it's gospel".

I haven't even gotten to books and the internets, but I have to get to the gym. Even though this media stuff pleases me, it's short-lived. But one more inch onto my chest and one subtracted from my waist will make me happy forever.


StarofTexas said...

love your blog....

Michael said...

Thanks. And, um, have a good weekend.

luscious loulou said...

We have Brokeback playing in only one, count'em ONE cinema in all of Vancouver. So. I'll wait.

But I dearly want to see Syriana. I want to ponder whilst I watch. I read Roger Ebert's review and it looks to be verrry promising. And Narnia, mainly for Tilda Swinton. The pics look gorgeous although the Christian stuff will probably wash right over me. I'm clueless on occasion. Yes, I know it's hard to believe but quite true nonetheless.

Still have Ken Watanabe in "Memoirs of a Geisha" on my list. Ooh, visual extravaganza! The poster is divine. And I think I want to try contacts in just that blue. Yum. Maybe have a wind machine follow me around discretely to get that whole look.

luscious loulou said...

And Capote. I mustn't forget that I want to see that!

You know, I used to watch the real Tru on the Dick Cavett show when I was a wee one. He was fascinating as hell to me, but man was he scary.

Even as naive as I was and despite the fact that he was witty and all, I could sense that "evil glee" with some of the things he would relate. And dead eyes whirling in that freckled skull, the voice (did he have a lisp?), the little hands...yikes. I've heard that Philip has "caught" him. (I remember seeing Lennon and Kate Hepburn too...on a side note. :P Now if I could just find Merv Griffin Shows on DVD with Peter Allen, that would be divine.)