Thursday, December 01, 2005

I just can't get you out of my head

I won't go into all the details of how this came to pass, but earlier today this dude pulled up his shirt to show me his third nipple. He's a beefy, young guy. Built, but not cut. Leans toward chunky. Dark, dark eyes and features. It's the French ancestry kind of dark, you know? Anyway, I've had a busy day and I've worked and all, but I must say, it's practically all I can think about. That nipple.

PS I had a third nipple picture handy, freakgirl.


maddie said...

When I hear third nipple...I immediately think of the Friends episode where everyone finds out that Chandler has one.

ROSS: Whip it out, whip it out.

CHANDLER: C'mon, there's nothin' to see, it's just a tiny bump, it's totally useless.

RACHEL: Oh as, as opposed to your other multi-functional nipples?

Also, is that Mark Wahlberg? Yummy.

freakgirl said...

I dated a guy with a third nipple once. I think it's what gave him his extra loser power.

And of COURSE you had a picture handy. Freak.

Bodhi said...

Rabbit has a bit of a not so secret crush on Mark Wahlberg. He even liked Donnie too, Mark's brother of New Kids on the Block Fame (I know. I know. He such a screaming little twinkish dude at times - lovin' it!). We both own a copy of The Big Hit on DVD, and you would be amazed at how many times we have sat down together to watch that movie. Though in our defence, on some of those occasions we were clearly somewhat distracted from the movie and otherwise engaged in other activities. And the Boogie Nights DVD? Hmmmmm. I won't even go there ;-)

So apart from the whole hotness thing, Mark Wahlberg always brings a smile to my face anyhoo.

And for some years I used to work with this absolutely f**king gorgeous blonde twenty-something hottie called Mark here at my current employ some years ago. We soon started calling him Marky Mark, which was then expanded to the full Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. But that was a bit of a mouthful (as I'm sure was he *sigh*), so we all ended up just calling him Funky instead.

So what with the picture of Mark, and the Rabbit and DVD history, and Funky: oh yeah, just try and wipe this smile off my face :-)

Ummmm, were we originally talking about here again?

Michael said...

Maddie, I forgot about "multi-functional" nipple line. Too funny. This guy's bonus nipple was right where Marky Mark's is (was?)

Freakgirl, you dated a guy with one? You are SO lucky! Well, except for the extra loser part. I'll just say it. I was hardpressed not to put my mouth on it. Even more than when I see a finger stub on a hot guy.

Bodhi, you know I NEVER tire of the Rabbit stories. Keep 'em coming. Also, what about 'The Italian Job'. So underrated! I loved that.

Bodhi said...

The Italian Job. Oh yes {wistfully walks down memory lane}. I think his name was Angelo. Hmmmm, I could have covered him in pasta sauce and eaten him al dente ...

Um .... oh .... you mean the movie, The Italian Job, huh? Yes. Yes. It was really good Mikey, we loved that as well (and also own it on DVD). And as for continued telling of the Rabbit stories ... dude, as if you could stop me ;-)

maddie said...

Just wanted to put my unsolicited 2 cents in once again - I *love* the Italian Job. Between the delicious Mark, the ever hilarious Seth Green, the insanely hot Jason Statham...and funny-as-hell Mos Def, what's not to like? They are making a sequel, you know.

charlie said...

Third nipple? Not hot. There. I said it.

The Other Andrew said...

Not even if you call it a 'nubbin'?

Michael said...

Mmmmm....Jason Statham. Good call, Maddie. What's not to like, indeed. And a sequel? I had no idea. I have ridden the thrill ride, if that counts for anything. That's right, mofos. There is an 'Italian Job' thrill ride here in Ohio.

charlie, charlie, charlie, I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to let your freak out here, but wha? I thought I knew you. I notice you didn't beg off of fingers stubs, though. Ain't no one who doesn't love those.

Andrew, you are getting awfully generous with the apostrophes, sweets.

The Other Andrew said...

My standards are slipping. Don't you just love that? I should stick to italics, it's more my thing.