Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More than just a finish line must feed this burning need

It's the holiday season. All those temptations to deal with/pay for. Anyone up for a run?

photo via Bent


The Other Andrew said...

"Anyone up for a run?"

Up, yes. Run, maybe.

Bodhi said...

If he's what were chasing, I'm up for a f**king sprint!

Otherwise pass me another piece of christmas fruitcake with creme anglaise, pop in the DVD with the as-standard-given cuties, and pre-book me a cab for later. M'kay

Michael said...

Y'all crack me up. Creme anglaise.

I bare/bear some resemblance to the humble the right light.....from the knee down only.

luscious loulou said...

Tease me, bitch.

So this is like DNA en francais, right?

Nonetheless...Grrrrrrr. I'd tackle 'em and hold him down. I'm just that feisty.