Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It tastes the same if you close your eyes

Since Victoria's Secret has ensured that you'll see plenty of girlies in wings tonight, I thought I'd do my part to provide equal time to manly bits....in wings. Have you seen the new trailer for X-Men 3? This looks like some seriously hot shit. I have my reservations with the absence of Bryan Singer at the helm, but for now, I'm mollified. I can hardly believe this dude playing Angel is actually the SAME Ben Foster who was squirrely, creepy Russell from SFU. I would never have hit that, but this guy is tight, man. He growed up real good. Everyone knows that with all things X-Men a homo subtext runs through it, right? So this time around there is a 'cure'. Do you take it?
Also, hats off to the marketing folks at Victoria's Secret. Not content with merely a stranglehold on the straight folks and lesbians, they've seen fit to add both Ricky Martin AND Seal to the show. ::golf claps:: Ya got me.

ADDED: I can't believe I failed to mention one of the coolest things about X-Men 3. Shohreh Aghdashloo is in it! Behroooooooooooz!


wingedman said...

Yay! I haven't been first to post for aaaages.

Anyway honey it looks WONDERFUL! Although the wings do look a little fake-ish but who's looking at the wings when he's strutting around half nekkid.


The Other Andrew said...

Dude, this hive-mind thing of ours is freaking me out. I mean, remember this?

First Bob the Trainer, and now this?

Freaking. Me. Out.

Michael said...

In that still the wings do look faux, but in the trailer when he springs up and suddenly spreads them (mmm), it's pretty cool. Yes, the abs we covet, winged-one. He's a tight lil' mofo.

I agree we are of one mind, but in this case I had intended to mention your post and forgot. I didn't get his hotness before, as you did. Just like Trainer Bob. Shit, I'm you on 14 day delay then? I thought you were only ONE DAY in my fuuuuutuuuure! Dude, what is gonna give me a boner next?!

The Other Andrew said...

Catch up sweetie.

"Dude, what is gonna give me a boner next?!"

Jeebus, the word "the", sunlight, all days ending in a "y"... what doesn't give you teh boner?! :-)

Oh, I love that by the way. I'm guessing you could hammer nails with that thing.

Michael said...

Haven't tried that yet, but I have hung a hammer on it.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Dirty bird. I guess the nights are long and lonely in Bumfuck Ohio eh?

"Hmmm, what'll I try next?"

Michael said...

It started innocently enough with the pliers*.

*you can still see the mark, if you look closely

The Other Andrew said...

Remind me to bring my magnifying glass, m'kay?

I have a thing for hot semi-naked angels of the masculine variety. Remember "Barbarella"? *sigh* Hot. I also loved Rutger Hauer (sp?) in "Wings of Desire", not exactly semi-naked but still so very apealling.

Um, massively passing on everyone's favourite thetan John Travolta though in that lame angel flick... ick.