Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spinning, turning, watching, burning

I commented on this article from Slate last week, but I felt like making a post about it. We all know that the folks in the Clinton White House were masters of spin. Who could nuance the news just so like George Stephanopoulos? Scant few. Damn, he was a tight little Greek, wasn't he?The present Bush White House has taken a different tack. They are inventing the news whole cloth. Sure, sure, I know this phenomenon is not peculiar to the Republicans, but this administration has taken it to a previously unseen strata. Anyway, Jacob Weisberg spells it out much better than I could hope to. Check out his bidness. PS? Sight unseen, I want him to be my bf.
Added: Sight seen, maybe boyfriends for just a few weeks and then we become really good friends after.

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