Monday, December 05, 2005

Take me for what I am

If you didn't catch him last week, check out Josh on MTV's Made tonight (8 EST) as he goes from cheerleader to soccer jock. Dudes, it's a scream. Oh relax, I'm not suggesting that you laugh at him. You will laugh, though. Oh, you'll laugh.


Max said...

Oh hell, I'll say it--I laughed laughed laughed AT him. I'm all for being true to yourself and letting one's freak flag (or freak man-boobies) fly, but dude!

Better than Camp Jim!

John said...

I admit. I hurt myself just watching the commercial for it.

Michael said...

Oh, those freak man-boobies! What the? Whoever heard of fist-sized nipples? His gut is the least of his worries. I like how they edited this show, though. He's unabashed and they didn't mock him. Some of the acceptance by his peers seemed a little to 'staged for the cameras', but otherwise good. And fucking hilarious.
John, the moment I saw that commercial, I was checking my local listings AND making phone calls. So funny.

Megan said...

I laughed really hard during the whole puppet scenes and when he whined, "I just wanna give up and go home..." I fell in love with this guy just a little bit after it was all over - so funny.

Michael said...

He is kinda precious, isn't he, Megan? He is what he is. I gotta admire that.
PS You make me laugh so many times on your blog, not least with the dating stories. Thanks for stopping.