Sunday, December 04, 2005

He will bring us goodness and light

I wanna puke. Relax, I won't. If I can't get this feeling out of my stomach, then can I at least get something off my chest? The election is almost a year away, but the race for governor in Ohio has already begun. It's begun in earnest, people. I'm about to share one of the first salvos of this unholy war. If you're anything like me, even your new shea butter cleanser won't make you feel clean after. Here's a transcript of a tv commercial running in support of Jim Petro:
What does God expect of us? To do justice. To love kindness. Nancy and I have been married for nearly 33 years. We’re pro-life. We believe that we have to do all that we can to advocate the protection of all life. We believe that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman, that allows for families to develop, to become the basic foundation of our society. Our worship and our faith give me the opportunity to make decisions that are more effective for people. Jim Petro for Governor.

Saddest part is that this shit will probably work. Fuck. Get me outta here.

commercial transcript via Faggoty-Ass Faggot
cartoon is from the Dayton Daily News/Mike Peters


maddie said...

That whole transcript makes me ill, and I don't even live in Ohio. I can understand why you feel sick.

Jen said...

::whimpers, cries, and hides under the bed::

Michael said...

Maddie, in a weird way, you almost have to respect it. They're up front. It's actually "We hate fags and hate abortion. You with us or ag'in us?" minimally dressed up with jargon.

jen, are you sure you're still coming? (and why must you ever go away so long?)

Jen said...

Roomie is still in Ohio right now looking for relocation prospects. This has been complicated by two family funerals (one expected and one not) and a colonoscopy.

We're still hoping to move in the Spring.

As to the other, I'm sick as hell lately, have tons of offline stress that I don't want to bog y'all down with, and have been using what little online enegy I have to do some political organizing. Hopefully I'll be back to my snarky self soon, but right now I'm needing dental surgery, among other things, so it won't be soon enough. :} I always stop by when I'm feeling up for it, though, and I hope you guys know I love you all.

Michael said...

Jen, Jen, Jen, I'm sorry to hear about funerals and illness. Sheesh. I won't try to guilt you into posting...anymore. Email me, though, if you get a moment, and fill me in, k?

JZ said...

Ted Strickland for Gov! Sherrod Brown for Senate!

There are actually cool, non-haters in Ohio. Promise.