Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I built a bridge across my stream of consciousness

So you wander from blog to blog to blog like I do, picking and choosing from the blogrolls, right? I was hangin' wit Andy, but ended up at the crib of one of his comment gays, Sunshine. Sunshine had another one of those meme things. Still don't know what "meme" signifies exactly. Not understanding something hasn't stopped me from diving into it and even sometimes killing it. Kinda like some countries we know, eh? So in this one you delve back into your blog archives and find your 23rd post (give or take) and then go to its fifth line (or so). Share the line. I found the exact post and the exact line. That I thought this might be fun should come as no surprise to you. The result won't surprise you either.

When last we saw him he was jacking me off at the multiplex.

Apropos considering the recurring themes of this blog. Writing has actually provided me with a few insights. One in particular is about this multiplex guy. I probably knew, but never fully acknowledged to myself, that I loved him. Even more surprising to me is that I still love him. How, after all these years, can he still have such a hold on me? One thing might be that, for a straight guy, he could suck a mean dick. And he smells freaking AWESOME.


freakgirl said...

Since my posts are usually about one line or so, it was tough to pinpoint the 23rd post. So I picked a random one:

Especially the part that reads: "A dog's testicles get stuck to a porch, and septic tank goo spews onto Joe's head."

I believe I was talking about the movie "Joe Dirt." I don't know.

Michael said...

Oh, that's funny. And succinct.

I'm kinda comforted that your blog was about testicles and such LONG before I came around.

freakgirl said...

Yep, sorry to say, I've been acting like an immature little boy for years now.

Michael said...

Ummm, was I just dissed?

wingedman said...

I have a problem with this line: for a straight guy, he could suck a mean dick

I think once they willingly put a dick in their mouths they've given up all rights to be called straight? Or am I just young and foolish?

And btw HOW HOT is that?!

freakgirl said...

no, Michael, you weren't just dissed. I'm sorry! I just meant that I've been making jokes about testicles and underpants for years now...an older woman at a previous job I had once told me that the reason I was attracted to immature young men was because I acted like one myself. So now when I make fun of my penchant for fart and dick jokes, I call myself a little boy.

No offense meant. Bygones.

Michael said...

None actually taken, of course. Like I don't know how sophomoric I am?

Michael said...

First wingedman, it's VERY hot. Second, he obviously has issues. He was only "affectionate" with me when drunk or high. In the intervening years he's been engaged twice (remind me to tell the story of how I made out with his fiance' and then him within the same month)(does that put me in a bad light?) and lived with a few different women, but never married. He considers himself straight. I consider him pansexual. I also consider him sex on a stick.

Sunshine said...

Oi - where are the 5 bloggers you tagged???? :) Thanks for dropping by nonetheless. :)

Michael said...

Well, since you didn't really TAG me, I didn't feel I was justified in tagging forward.
Does that sound plausible?
PS You seem adorable.

yaniboy said...

Meme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme

"Though memeticists do not generally agree on a specific definition, one can roughly define 'meme' as any piece of information transferable from one mind to another."