Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Make me wanna clap my hands, make me wanna stomp my feet, make me feel real, real good, when you put that thang on me

I know it's the start of the fall television season, but what's really got me stompin' and clappin' is all the good shit that's coming to the local multiplex. Well, nothing comes before my Phil and The Amazing Race, yo. If Phil is bringin' it to the table, I am dishin' up a heapin' helpin', G. I felt like I should add that last "G" cuz I left so many of them out. Movies, though! There are some movies that have me all tingly in spots and fluttery in the non-tingly spots. I'm listing a few. Tell me if you're with me or tell me what I missed.
  • Serenity-- This one is at the top of my list and it's almost here! I'm totally letting it in, no matter what chuck says. Joss Whedon is a god. Browncoats unite! And if someone tries to kill you, well, you just try to kill 'em right back. Frothing!
  • Brokeback Mountain-- If someone approached me to come up with a dream premise for a movie, I don't think I could have done better than gay cowboys. This shit won some festival awards. Like I care. And if there may be a very Quest For Fire scene with Jake Gyllleennhaaaal taking the Rae Dawn Chong role (i.e. on all 4's), then so be it.
  • Walk The Line-- As with so many movies I'm excited about, I was hooked by the trailer for this one. I am SO susceptible to targeted advertising. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon just looked right. I hope they nail it. Could be crap.
  • Capote-- Philip Seymour Hoffman. Two fascinating dudes, no?
  • Elizabethtown-- I already love Cameron Crowe and this was another great trailer. I'm not especially fond of Orlando Bloom when he isn't sporting a blonde ponytail and a ne'er depleted quiver of arrows, but I have high hopes anyway. That is despite my reservations, and by my reservations, I mean Kiki Dunst.
  • Everything Is Illuminated-- I loved, loved, loved this book and if you didn't, I think it's because you're trying too hard to be reservedly hip and ummm, ironic (?) (I really don't get irony so I just toss it in when I'm at a loss for a word). Love Elijah Wood, too. C'mon, he is SO cute and SO portable.
  • Memoirs of a Geisha-- I loved this book, too. It's one of those that transports you to another place and time and envelops you completely. If this shit is half as good as the book, I'll be satisfied.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia-- Normally I'm nervous about movie adaptations of my childhood favorites, but then came LOTR. Big footsteps. The effects look sweet.

I'd kinda like to include Rent in this list, but instead of keenly anticipating it, I'm steeling myself for a smelly pile. While I'm steeling myself, though, I'm totally singing Seasons of Love all the damn time. Yeah, I know. Another showtune gay. Can you still love me? So what do y'all think? I'm seeing all these. Wanna come with? I missed my chance at Bedtime Stories so I'm offering an open invitation. I'll buy Cokes and Sno-Caps if you don't make a big fuss when I get handsy.


The Other Andrew said...

I haven't heard of a few of these, but most I'm keen on seeing too. A friend of mine keeps accidentally referring to 'Brokeback Mountain' as 'Bareback Mountain'... which I think is a different sort of film entirely. (I'm sure it won't be long before there is a version called this, it can sit on the shelf alongside 'Shaving Ryan's Privates')

Bodhi said...

Serenity (all hail Joss), and Brokeback Mountain are wayyy on the top of my list. On the later, I'm with ya Mikey: Gay cowboys, Jake (yumm) and our Heath! (you little Aussie hottie you).

OH ... MY ..... BRAD

Be still my geeky gay heart!

Max said...

I was just glad to see this post's title...


Michael said...

Ooh, baby, baby, baby, baby, mesmerized!

Michael said...

Gay cowboys with earnest expressions. Wheee!

Bodhi said...

In the immortal lyrics of Kid Rock, bro:

"I wanna be a cow-boyy ba-by"

Maggie said...

Speaking of showtune gays, my husband likes Mandy Patinkin singing the showtunes. Make of that what you will.

Jen said...

Here's how little class and taste I actually have -- new movie I'm currently most excited to see? Roll Bounce. Love that 70s soul soundtrack, baby. /Barry White voice

wingedman said...

Brokeback Mountain is set in the 60's apparently. Or it was in the original short story anyway. You can bet that they went it bareback. Ooh stopit visions of Jake and Heath barebacking each other goddd

I can't wait to see Harry Potter IV too!

And Lost Season 2 is showing already!

And Desperate Housewives Season 2! Nothing feels better than gossipping about how badly your neighbours are behaving.

Michael said...

I love Mandy Patinkin, Maggie. No wait. I just love saying "Mandy Patinkin".

Jen rocks the Barry White impression, don't she?

wingedman, I was wondering if you had "Lost" and "DH" broadcast at the same time we do here. I thought "Lost" last night was one of the best hours of television I've seen in FOREVER. Jumping up and down good.

The Other Andrew said...

Wouldn't growing up as a boy called 'Mandy' just be more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

We get Lost and DH down here in Oz too, but just had the Season 1 finales recently, and will now have to wait until Summer is over (ie early next year) for their return. Not happy.

Michael said...

Not to mention that the boy named Mandy showed an early aptitude for singing and dancing, yo.

OA, is it damn near impossible to avoid running across "Lost" nuggets as you surf around?

cslewisfan221 said...

Apparently, there are Narnia Events going on all over the country that are movie "sneek peeks". I just found some information at Narnia Resources