Sunday, September 25, 2005

Someone's head resting on my knee, warm and tender as he can be

I roamed around today by myself. I'm a guy who doesn't mind being solitary, but you might have had some fun if you'd come with. One of the best things was how the day started. My bed was incredibly soft and fresh last night and it was raining steadily this morning so when I awoke to my alarm, I SNOOZED twice, each time rolling over and snuggling in while moaning with pleasure. OK, that part would have been really good if you'd been here. It was a Face Exfoliation Day, too, so couple that with the Moaning Pleasurable Rainy Day Awakening and you have an auspicious start, no? So here are a few highlights of my rambling around:

  • Webster Street Market-- I thought about picking up lunch here, but the crowd looked kinda skeezy. Sorry if you were there. I did shop around the little booths. Some people sell antiques and collectible things there, some people sell handmade clothes and jewelry there, and some people sell complete crap there. In a non-crap booth, I found something for my non-bio sister's birthday! This chick makes really cool silver jewelry with different colors of amber cut in interesting shapes. Sound cheesy? It's totally hot. My faux-sister is kinda bohemian and Deadhead-y, but also a mother of three, and she will LOVE the necklace and earrings I picked up. Handmade! Unique! She'll get those, plus a copy of Son of a Witch (coming to bookstores Tuesday), a pretty handmade bookmark, and of course a charming haiku from yours truly. Don't you wish I was buying for you? Oh, shutup. You'd LOVE my presents.
  • I was leafing through Dwell and noticed that a house featured was right nearby, so I Googlemapped it and checked it out. The pictures in the magazine are artfully done. They make no bones about the scary neighborhood, but I was still surprised. Rough. Very sweet place, though. I walked around and snapped a few photos, but they didn't really come out well. Plus, they included the crack dealer who later approached me. I bought a rock for fifty off him and thought it best that I not post a picture of him on my blog. You're getting the photo from the magazine.
  • I noticed that the traveling rendition of the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial, The Moving Wall, was in town, so I headed over there. It's like a half-scale rendition. I think the locale in a parking lot near the expressway detracted from the atmosphere. Have any y'all seen the real thing? Confession. I've never been to D.C. I know I should go. Whenever I get free time, it just gets bumped down on my list. It's all the stranger then that I have so often ended up naked on and around the Lincoln Memorial in my dreams.
  • Finally I saw the touring production of My Fair Lady. Of course I've seen the film. Audrey Hepburn is an icon, yo. I loved, loved, loved this play. All the main actors are wonderful. The songs are timeless and well-delivered. I've been singing "On The Street Where You Live" the rest of the day.

You know what? I did all this stuff alone and had a good time. Do you find that strange? I'm fine with it. Still, it'd be nice to feel like the song.....

I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement always stayed
beneath my feet before. All at once am I, several stories high, knowing I'm on the street where you live.

That was a nice day. I'd considered including a bulleted entry about having an extra spring in my step tonight after arriving home. I was gone all day. I don't cotton to dropping it on the one whilst on the road. I'm not so crass as to say more. I was raised right. Like Whitney. Oh, and I didn't buy the crack from that guy or I would have NEVER made it home in time to do the doo. Here's the house, though:

Not a crack house, technically Posted by Picasa


wingedman said...

CUTE place. Too bad about the neighbourhood, but what can ya do?

BTW I loved My Fair Lady too. What gay man doesn't wannabe Eliza Doolittle?

Michael said...

I had a feeling, given your avatar, that you'd be fond of MFL. There are tiaras involved!
Bunch of great songs in that show.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey sweet pea, thanks for the heads up on "Son Of Witch", I'm a huge Gregory Maguire fan and am re-reading "Wicked" at the moment. Again with the spooky synchronisity...

You get naked a lot in your dreams, don't you? Sounds charming.

The Other Andrew said...

You know what, because Bodhi's away on holiday this week I have nobody to chat with while you all in that Northern Hemisphere of yours sleep. Ok, sure, it means less tedious comments you have to roll your eyes at, but it's kind of dull for me. What, this isn't about me?


wingedman said...

Haha I had to struggle through Wicked. I'm never buying Gregory Maguire again, it's just not my style. It was an interesting perspective but...not engaging enough for me.

Tiaras mmm...aren't they loverly?

Although that Prof. Higgins is a right minger if you ask me.

Michael said...

Well, it's already getting dark early here in our Northern Hemisphere so you can have it. It is NOT my precious. How could I forget that Bodhi was on holiday..with the board shorts. So is this dude REALLY all that?

wingedman, Wicked went through my friends like a pandemic. I was reading it while on vacation skiing out West and by the end of the trip, we had a reading menage a trois going until I finished. Only THEN would I let them tear it in half. Not the first time that's happened.
One more thing. I've been getting strange looks around here since I started using "minger" and liberally sprinkling my sentences with "la" and whatnot. No idea if I'm using them correctly, but fun nonetheless.

savante said...

Oh, who doesn't know Freddy's song. I love the Street Where You Live - and I can practically recite by heart the lyrics of the entire show.


The Other Andrew said...

I heart Wicked! You cut my heart in two when you talk of tearing books in half! My books are all my preciouses.

Rabbit is very, very much 'all that'. Stocky in a hot way, short cropped hair, wicked sense of humour, he's the ideal blend of hottie mchotterton and goofy doofus. If I rave too much Bodhi might cut me, so stoipping now. :-)

Michael said...

I know how you feel about the books, A. I'm mostly that way, too, but my friends have influenced me a bit. They travel frequently and lightly and are ALWAYS tearing off parts of their books after they are done and also ALWAYS the covers come off even hardcovers if they are on the road. Killed me at first. Over the years I've become less protective of my books. For instance, it used to drive me crazy that my sister has NEVER returned a book she borrowed (or even read them to my knowledge). Now I just think they are in her house keeping all my sweatshirts and t-shirts company.

The Other Andrew said...

When I was travelling around Europe I gave some books away, and received others from backpackers in return, so I (sort of) understand... but I'm so anal with books that probably 90% of my library (we're talking many hundreds of books here) I have read a couple of times over but they still look unread.

Yes, I'm a virgo.

Michael said...

Sounds like you're way more anal than I, just as I suspected.

The Other Andrew said...


Anonymous said...

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