Friday, September 23, 2005

Relax your mind, take your time with me

I posted about Dane Cook last week after running across a way hot picture of same. He was WEARING a pair of jeans, as they say in some circles (i.e. in my head). I had never heard of this comedy stud until my favorite Jersey hipster gave me the fo fo. FYI: Don't act like you wanna git wit Dane if freakgirl around, cuz she liable to git carnival freak crazy on yo ass. I think Dane is MAD sexy, but I defer to her dibs, as I prefer my eyeballs as they are. Unclawed out. However, I did pick up his CD Retaliation this weekend and it's been in HOT rotation in my car ever since. I think I've listened to both disks at least thrice. Funny, funny man. He brings the jokes, no question, but he's just funny in the way he talks and the way you know he's having a great time. Girls wanna do him. Guys wanna hang out with him. Guys like me wanna hang out with him, do him, then repeat. He's a man who loves words. I'm a man who loves a man who loves words. I highly recommend checking his shit out. If any of y'all need a preview, hit me up. I'll be all up in your INBOX with the free sample. That's legal amongst friends, right? You said you were my friend. That wasn't just so I'd give you that handy, was it?
PS Seat belts! Radio knobs!


freakgirl said...

Thank you for respecting the sanctity of my pretend marriage with Mr. Dane Cook.

Michael said...

I am just loving your man, though. Gah! He makes me laugh.
I haven't checked out the DVD in there yet. You?

sar said...

oh, i just posted about dane two entries up. my favorite parts of the retaliation CDs are 1) My Son Optimus Prime, and 2) Car Alarm. funniest ever.

you've never heard "harmful if swallowed," then? because the tire in the face thing was probably my favorite joke of 2003. going to see him in denver next month! YAY.

freakgirl said...

"A TIRE hit her IN THE FACE. A TIRE! That tire murdered Mary."

I will never stop laughing at that joke for the rest of my life. Truly hilarious.

I haven't seen the DVD, Michael. I bought the album off iTunes so I assume I didn't get the DVD part of it.

Michael said...

sar, the lower case moniker always makes me wanna go all ee cummings on your ass. Yeah, the car alarm sounds like "Trunk Space" The baby punching spree makes me laugh and laugh...with delight.

freakgirl, I checked out the DVD this weekend. It's mostly just stuff he did on Crank Yankers and also his bit from the Denis Leary roast. You're not missing much on that.